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BQ or bust: 2019 the year of alllllllllll the marathons

2019 is an exciting year for me. By exciting, I mean scary and a little crazy. Not only am I attempting a marathon in a back to back year, I am attempting three marathons in one year. THREE! Am I mad?!

I have ran four marathons, all at Brighton, all in alternate years as I was always left so battered and bruised after each of them, ha.

2012: 4 hours 57

2014: 4 hours 29

2016: 4 hours 12

2018: 3 hours 43

To my surprise, my time at last year's Brighton got me a Good for Age place at London and enabled me to start thinking about a monster huge goal - to sub 3:30 and to qualify for Boston Marathon.

To give myself two bites at the cherry, I will also be running the marathon at Richmond in September. And just for "fun", I'll be at Beachy Head Marathon in October!!

I will be blogging my training - how my week looked, the ups and the downs, any tips I have to share or just to vent about how sore my knees have got or how much crying I've done, haha! Glad to have you here for the ride.

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