Bye Bye Plastic: plastic free packaging for Track and Fit Club

Plastic free packaging


I have exciting news, Track and Fit Club will soon be plastic packaging free!

When researching suppliers and companies to work with, environmental impact was a big driving factor for me. Personally, I'm tired of filling up the recycling bin with pointless plastic packaging, or worst yet having to bin plastic that can't be recycled or reused. So I'm thrilled my supplier is phasing out all remaining traces of plastic, and allowing me to ship 100% plastic free within the next six weeks.

Bubble wrap was phased out from my mug orders about 6 months ago, and since then have been shipped in cardboard boxes with paper to keep them nice and secure in transit.

 Clothing and totes currently ship in recyclable plastic postage bags but this will now be phased out and replaced with paper postal bags!

  • These bags are weatherproof so your lovely stuff won't get ruined if the postie is out delivering in the rain
  • They are manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC® certi­fica­tion and are compostable, degradable and recyclable
  • They can also be easily reused - save them to use for the next time you are posting something!

I'm really happy with this positive step, and I know you guys will agree reducing plastic is essential, not an optional luxury. You can read more about my environmental policy here.

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