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Current Etsy favourites, and why shopping small is so important

Small Steps Lead to Great Things

I grew up with parents who loved to shop. And who loved to shop small. They were obsessed with rummaging through boxes of who-knows-what at car boot sales, stumbling upon a book they'd wanted for ages in a charity shop, spending hours chewing the ear off the guy in the tiny local sports shop or being able to kit their two kids out in clothes for the next year from a jumble sale (there were some questionable fashion choices in our family, granted)

This spirit has never left me, which is probably one of the reasons I love shopping with small businesses and on market-places like Etsy. There's something really special about finding a vintage piece of something lovely in a junk shop or discovering a brand ran by an actual human person not a faceless corporation.

I've been Marie Kondo-ing my house like crazy this week and it's brought into sharp focus that having tons and tons of STUFF is not good. Ohhh no. It's actually a major pain in the arse and pretty stressful. I'm currently at 6 massive bags ready for the charity shop (feeling proud) - and the stuff that I'm keeping, the stuff that's made the cut? It really is stuff that, to coin a phrase, sparks joy, and so much of it is from lovely small businesses.

Claire from Delicious Monster Tea describes the awesomeness of shopping small so well in her post here. Double Gifting. You shop small - you get something proper lovely for yourself or for someone as a gift. You also support a real person/people who are beavering away on their dream. Small steps lead to great things after all.. :)

So, back to Etsy. I've been shopping on there for years and it's my go-to for pressie buying as well as pressies for myself (VERY important). I've rounded up some of my recent faves below, hope this inspires you.

New Home Card: Bookishly (I have this framed on my mantelpiece - one of the first things I treated myself to when we bought our house)

New Home Card: Bookishly

Dragon's Tale Vegan Massage Oil: LunaLevitas (love using this after a bath when it's freezing cold. Keeps me nice and warm!)

Dragon's Tale Vegan Massage Oil: LunaLevitas

Rhubarb and Custard Vegan shower gel: Fairypants (smells sooo good. I treated myself to a load of this as a post marathon treat after Brighton Marathon last year)

Rhubarb and Custard Vegan shower gel: Fairypants

You Guys are so in Love card: Sugar and Sloth (Always get my cards from Anita. They are just so glorious)

You Guys Are So In Love card


Bay Rum & Tequila: TwaBurdsSoaps (actually FUN epsom salts - makes that post run bath even more of a treat!)

Bay Rum & Tequila TwaBurdsSoaps

Mini Bath Fizzers: Bathing Beauties (so many awesome flavours. Can you tell I'm very obsessed with post runs baths...)

Mini Bath Fizzers Bathing Beauties

Ayurvedic Herb Shampoo Funky Soap (love using this because there no chunks of herbs that get in the way like other bar shampoos I've tried. And the lack of wasteful plastic bottles - winner winner)

Mini Mug of Motivation keyring Katie Abey Design (A mini mug of motivation to have with you at all times? Just YES)

Mini Mug of Motivation keyring Katie Abey Design

Magpie Keyring: By The Shed (my other keyring. I also have the matching necklace! Us Geordie girls love our magpies)

Magpie Keyring By The Shed

I hope this has provided you with a few ideas next time you are on the hunt for some goodies for yourself, your house, your bestie, your nana... Remember, if you shop small you are OFFICIALLY a legend.

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