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London Marathon running for Stepney City Farm: Maranoia!

London Marathon Training for Stepney City Farm

With just 5 days to go until London Marathon (5!!) my "maranoia" is in full swing.

This year it is manifesting itself in the following ways;

  • Obsessively checking the BBC Weather app once every two hours for the forecast for the big day. Please don't let it be windy!
  • Looking at my previous two marathons splits pinpointing the point I hit the wall and panicking the same will happen again.
  • Checking out how other people struggled at London last year forgetting that last year was the hottest on record. It was hard enough standing supporting last year in that heat!
  • "I know my knees are fine so why the hell to they feel like they have been borrowed from an 80 year old?"
  • Worrying about loss of GPS signal in Canary Wharf.
  • Am I going to see any of my supporters on the route and are they going to see me?

I know that I'll be stood on the start line with phantom injuries but I need to be confident that it is just maranoia!

There is still time to donate to my fundraising for Stepney City Farm, a brilliant place that we will all be running past on Sunday as part of our 26.2. They do amazing work in the local area and I'm going to feel really proud running past on London Marathon day knowing that my hard work has helped them. Click here to sponsor me, anything will be gratefully received by the animals!

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