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London Marathon: Training week eight

London Marathon Training week 8

I'm SO SORRY I didn't do a London Marathon training recap last week. I was so stressed and busy. Will you ever forgive me?!

On to week eight of my training and how the hell is it now only 55 days until marathon day. HOW. It's getting very real now.

Here's what I got up to in my training last week:

Monday: Rest: Unplanned rest day :( I was physically knackered from Brighton Half (read my recap here!) and mentally completely bamboozled from a day at work that I just couldn't add exercise into the mix! So, it was a day off and I felt better for it.

Tuesday: 1 hour lower body S&C + 15 minutes upper body: Oh, this was a good session. I LOVE lower body strength, it's so great to lunge and squat my way to mad DOMS! I feel like I've not had a strength focused session in ages so this was fab. Managed to fit in a 15 minute upper body burst too so all bases covered.

Wednesday: Steady 10 miles: Ah. This was not a good day! My foot has been playing up for a few weeks so this was playing on my mind, but really the stress of the day and of the last few weeks caught up with me big style and this resulted in a long, prolonged tear-fest of a run that took far too long and felt absolutely awful! Stress - boo, it's awful :(

Thursday: Rest: Definitely needed a rest after yesterday's run, mainly to chill my mind out a bit!

Friday: Easy 2.5 miles: Hadn't planned on running today but my new gel insoles arrived to help my sore foot and I wanted to try them out ahead of a weekend of running. Pretty good, the foot didn't feel too bad on this easy run.

Saturday: Lancing Beach Green parkrun: I was definitely apprehensive about this - worried how my foot would react to a bit of fast running! But I needed have worried, it was such a good run and I felt great. This was our second time at Lancing, it's a great route - right on the sea front, flat as a pancake but with that sea breeze to contend with! I was delighted to hang on to be 1st lady and to get a course PB of over  a minute. Woohoo!

Sunday: 18 miles LSR: Who's bright idea was it to run 18 miles up the Downs Link in a freaking storm?! I was NOT a happy bunny. The wind, the mud, the rain, it was exhausting. My legs felt ok, my foot felt ok, but it was just so tiring mentally to drag myself through that weather. But, I diiiiid it, and the end result and pace was so much better than I'd hoped. So all good!

So, the marathon is now officially next month! I hope everyone's training is going ok? Let's keep going, we've got this.

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