London Marathon: Training week five

 London Marathon Training Week 5

 Another week ticked off on the #roadtolondon. Here's what I got up to...

Monday: Easy 5k: Staying up til 3:30am watching the Super Bowl as we do every year is never the best prep for training the following day, so it was gentle sleepy miles today. Nice and easy to loosen the legs from yesterday's 20 miler.

Tuesday: Easy 5k and 20 minutes lower body TRX: More easy miles today, legs definitely not up to pushing the pace again yet! Managed to get a bit of strength training in though for the first time in agggges - brutal bit of lower body TRX #ouch

Wednesday: Steady 10 miles: This has become my favourite distance and my favourite effort (i.e "steady") of recent months, and probably the key to me getting better at all aspects of running at the moment. 10 miles is just such a nice distance, you're good and tired by the end of it, double figures always feels badass but by keeping it steady I'm not running too much of a risk of doing myself a mischief. That being said, this was definitely a slog, legs felt like lead, head pounding and I've caught Mike's cold! Happy to get this done and delighted with the pace at 8:10.

Thursday: Easy 5k: Hmm, first proper missed session of this training block but I knew it would be pointless to try and attempt it. I should have done 8 miles with snazzy jazzy speedy miles in the middle but ugh...ILL. Stinking cold and legs felt like they'd been in a blender. But, I wanted to test/break in my new shoes ahead of Worthing Half so off I went. Shoes felt amazing. Legs and snot levels, less so.

Friday: Rest: Had planned on doing some upper body stuff today but far to under the weather for anything. Sad times.

Saturday: Rest: Planned rest day today, no parkrun as saving the legs for Worthing Half. Also, MASSIVELY FULL OF COLD.

Sunday: Worthing Half Marathon: Full round up here, but spoiler alert it was amazing and I cried tears of actual joy, ha!

On to week six now. London still feels so, so far away! I'm looking forward to hitting double figures when it will all start to seem a bit more real...

Have a great week everyone!

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