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London Marathon: Training week four

 London Marathon Training Week 4

Week four already, how exciting! The marathon feels a long way away though..!

Here's what I got up to training wise this week:

Monday: 1 hour upper body: Resting the legs after yesterday's 17 miler, AND keeping up with my resolution to get stronger this marathon block - result! This workout consisted of 30 minutes dumbbells and 30 minutes kettlebells. Nothing too glamorous but gets the job done.

Tuesday: Easy 10 miles: Decided I really needed to slo-oooo-ooo-w the pace down for this run. I have been doing a lot of "steady" 10 milers over the last two months, hoovering around 8 to 8:45 pace depending on how I've been feeling. And this has pretty much been the sole reason I've been able to increase my mileage so much - its allowed me to build the miles up whilst saving my legs from certain doom.

I decided to take it even slower today for a few reasons - I have a 20 miler on Sunday (oh ok, its getting real now) and would quite like two working legs for it, and also I've been reading up a lot on how the body uses fuel when running and that easier miles can help the body fuel itself a bit more efficiently. So it was long slow plod today, that didn't actual feel "easy easy" as it's not a natural motion for me and I find slow running really makes my legs grumble. Oh, and it felt like it took FOREVER and I was freezing my ass of by the end!!

Wednesday: Easy 3 miles and 25 minutes HIIT: Snow daaaaay! No chance of running at any sort of speed today as the pavements were really slippy so it was slow miles on grass and in the parks. Then it was back home for a quick 25 HIIT session focusing in lower body.

Thursday: 8.5 miles (aim of 2 easy, 5 at 7:30 pace, 1.5 easy): I was really grateful to be able to do this session as it was so icy and I turned up to my normal route very thankful I'd decided on wearing the trail shoes! Ended up doing the 5 middle miles faster than I should have done of course..will I ever learn to slow down, probably not!

Friday: Rest day: Praise be!

Saturday: Brighton and Hove Park parkrun: Oh this run made me laugh. It was absolutely FREEZING and howling a gale for one, and I set off and struggled immediately so figured today wasn't my day at all and that I should just try my best for a decent time. Instead, I only went and got myself another 5k PB. How I do not know. 4 seconds quicker than last week and I'm down to 20:35 now!! The day was made even better by being joined by some of the lovely Horley Harriers and Personify Fitness gang.

Sunday: LSR 20 miles: Right, this is getting serious now. End of week 4 and on 20 milers already. The plan was 9 minute mile pace but me being me I wanted to go a little quicker if I felt I could. My route was hilly (over 1000 foot elevation gain) and through some of my favourite country lanes and I managed an average pace of 8:31 in the end with the final two miles 7:11 and 7:10 pace.

It was not without drama though as at mile 8 I fell hard on a sheet of ice - my legs went from under me and I slammed right down on my bum (oww) and my bad hand (OWW!). I broke that hand when I was running in the summer so could definitely do without falling on it again! Spent the night sat on a hot water bottle and smothered in arnica cream, hope it does the trick! 

Week 4 done and my new highest ever weekly mileage at 47 miles. There will be less miles coming up as on Sunday I have my first race of the year, Worthing Half. I can't wait!

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