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London Marathon: Training week nine

London Marathon Training - week 9

Week 9 of my London Marathon training is done, and it was a toughy. I've been just about clinging on for the last couple of weeks but this was definitely a bit of a low week for me. But I'm still going, still learning.

Here's what I got up to:

Monday: 2.5 mile recovery run and 30 minutes yoga: Legs were definitely feeling it after yesterday's 18 miler so keeping things nice and easy. Plus yoga! I always feel so proud when I do any sort of yoga cos yogi I am not!!

Tuesday: Steady 10 miles: Hmm. This run was a strange one. At the time, I really enjoyed it - much better route than last week, kept the pace nice and comfortable and felt tired but good afterwords. But then, the injury woes hit me and I had to admit to myself that I wasn't quite right. My foot was still bothering me and was actually starting to feel pretty weird. So, it was time to admit defeat for a bit!

Wednesday: 45 minutes turbo and 45 minutes S&C: First turbo ride in a while, I'd forgotten how much hard work it is and how quickly I become a sweaty mess! Followed up by a good long lower body strength and conditioning session - plenty of glute stuff with the mini band. Hurts so good!

Thursday: 30 minutes turbo and 30 minutes S&C: Shortened version of what I did yesterday!

Friday: 30 minutes S&C: We were off on our hols near Bath but I was very good and took my mini band away with me so I could crush the glutes in the hotel room! #smug

Saturday: 20 minutes turbo and 30 minutes S&C: Glute stuff in the hotel before we went home, turbo ride as soon as I got in. Boring but necessary!

Sunday: 20 mile bike ride: So gutted to miss my long run today! Switched a 20 mile run to a 20 mile bike ride to keep Mike company. We drove down and started our route 10 miles from Shoreham to run/cycle down to the seafront and bike. Kudos for Mike for not only running this, but hitting his 7:30 minute mile target pace because the WIND was absolutely insane. If I'd ended up cycling in to the sea it would not have surprised me. I've never known wind like it and it was certainly the toughest cycle I've ever had!

One thing I've noticed loud and clear this week due to an enforced break from running is how quickly my mood dips into oblivion. It only took a matter of days for me to no longer feel like a runner, to feel like my dreams of any sort of success at London were zooming off over the horizon. Running really is a powerful force and something so linked to identity. And I think I'm well and truly addicted to the endorphins so there's that too...

On to the next week. We are now down to less that 50 days people!!

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