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London Marathon: Training week one

Oh my gaaaad, week one is done. This is it, I'm on my way!!

I have been building my mileage up prior to this week to give myself a really good base before the craziness truly starts. December saw my highest monthly mileage ever at 172 miles so I have been raring to go and start following a (semi) structured plan.

I have always struggled to follow a running plan to the letter - I am a huge believer in listening to your body, and my legs talk to me loud and CLEAR! If I push too hard, I'm toast, but on the other hand, if I'm feeling fresh I want the scope to train more. With that in mind I am using the Run Less Run Faster BQ plan for a 3:30 marathon. The plan focuses on three key runs a week, and I'll be doing two of these (see, adapting it already ha!) 

  1. The midweek longish run that plays with pace
  2. The Long Slow Run with pace up to a minute slower than goal marathon pace
  3. And I have switched out the track session (I don't have regular access to track) and instead will be doing a parkrun each Saturday for my speedwork

I have given myself the option to add an extra LSR in each week if I'm feeling good, and an extra shorter run if I'm feeling REALLY good! So, my running will be at least three runs a week but up to five if the legs agree ;) The mileage will be nowhere near the mega high amounts that a lot of marathon plans advocate, but will certainly be more mileage than I've ever done in any previous training blocks. Exciting!! 

So, week one is done and this is what it looked like:

Monday: 50 mins Lower Body S&C. Operation Get Strong!! I have been guilty of neglecting my strength & conditioning due to time constraints in previous training blocks - but that will change this time! I actually really enjoy S&C so time to get busy. This session included loads of fun on my new Bosu ball (thanks Santa)

Tuesday: Steady 10 miles. Oh the steady 10, my favourite distance at the moment. This was tough though, my legs felt shot to bits!

Wednesday: Steady 4 miles. Final run home from my old job, I will miss this so much! But this will still form a bit part of my weekend running routes so it's not gone forever :) Legs feeling much better than the day before, huzzah.

Thursday: Rest day! We went to the local Beefeater! #glamour

Friday: 8 miles - 1 easy, 6 at 8 pace, 1 easy. Bonus day at home so I took myself to one of my favourite local routes for this fun session. I struggled to hit 8 pace, ended up at around 7:45 for most miles, but enjoyed this a lot and my legs felt great. In the afternoon I did 20 minutes on the turbo trainer and 20 minutes upper body weights.

Saturday: parkrun. Course PB at Preston park! Was not expecting that - came home in 21:11, whooohoo. Did 20 minutes of lower body S&C when I got home.

Sunday: LSR 13 Miles. The plan had me at 8:30 pace for this, and it was a struggle to remain controlled and not get carried away! Managed an average of 8:21 so I reckon that's pretty good. Lovely run around my local town.

Weekly mileage: 42.6 miles - my highest yet!

Week one DONE.

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