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London Marathon: Training week six

London Marathon Training

Week six of London Marathon training is done! And my highest weekly mileage at just over 49 miles to boot. These milestones make me feel so proud, I've never been able to cope with high-ish mileage before so to hit 25, 30, 40 and almost 50 miles in one week is a pleasant surprise!!

Here's what I've been up to this week.

Monday: Easy 3 miles: After yesterday's Worthing Half adventures (you can read my recap here!) and a super tiring day, the only thing I could manage was easy miles!

Tuesday: Steady 10 miles: Oh wow, this was a horrendous run, ha. Another crazy day left me shattered and I was suffering from a mega annoying and very painful head/neck/tooth/face ache which meant this run was a serious plod. I had no energy to think of an exciting route either so it was round and round and round a few streets near my house. But, I survived and it's miles in the bank.

Wednesday: 1 hour yoga: Very much needed! Really wanted to stretch out my back and neck after yesterday's pain-fest, so it was tons of (dull) stretching and yoga wheel stuff followed by hugging a hot water bottle for the rest of the evening. Bah.

Thursday: 8 miles (plan was 1 easy, 5 at 7:14 pace, 2 easy): This run was a real test. I had SUCH a manic stressful day I was in no fit shape to take on this session. I felt so anxious and uptight and worried from the day that I really thought I'd either end up giving up on this run or performing terribly. In the end the result was good, but I definitely didn't feel my best mentally. I ran on my favourite mid-week route and tried to push the pace on the 5 middle miles to see if I could go under the planned 7:14 pace. Happy to say I could, even though my mind was all over the place! I'm happy I got out and did it but definitely need to manage my stress better otherwise I'll be in trouble..

Friday: 1 hour strength and cardio: I wanted a workout of pure FUN to cheer myself up after a mad week. So I picked a few off YouTube to watch back to back and they ticked all the boxes. Job done.

Saturday: Mole Valley parkrun: Time for some parkrun fun. And by fun, I mean HILLS! I knew this route round Denbies Wine Estate was a hilly one (I'd heard the stories!) so I was expecting this to be a tough one. And it didn't disappoint! Tough first mile, followed by a tougher second mile, followed by a mega downhill final mile. My quads felt that! Pretty muddy too so I'll be back in the summer when I'm less likely to fall on my face!

Sunday: LSR 20 miles: Rounding off a busy week with alllllllll the miles. This run was so fun and such a confidence boost for me. Me and Mike (you'll remember Mike from his excellent first blog post here!) decided to run the 10 miles down to Downs Link to Shoreham and back, Mike aiming for around 7:45 pace and me (according to my plan) aiming for 8:45 pace. But of course, I'm a naughty little runner so decided to see if I could try and hit my target marathon pace which is 8 pace.

The route was perfect, virtually flat and much softer ground than the usual tarmac I train on. Weather was perfect and I felt great from the get-go. We got to Shoreham, I was well ahead of pace and knew I wanted to try and keep going at this at rate for as long as I could. From around 15 miles, my legs were getting really tired and I had to dig in for that final push. 20 miles done in 2 hours 33, average pace of 7:39 minute miles. So so happy and proud of myself! This has given me actual hope that my sub 3:30 marathon dream is not as insane as I thought it was, haha!

Next week I'm planning on reducing the mileage a bit as I have my second race of 2019 on Sunday, Brighton Half. This is my second time doing this and was my half PB race last year so I'm excited!! 

Have a great week everyone!

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