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London Marathon: training week ten

London Marathon Training week ten - Track and Fit Club

Wow, we've hit double figures on the Road to London! Now less than 6 weeks to go. This week has been great - back to running, back to speedy ways at parkrun and hitting not only my highest ever weekly mileage but reaching 50 miles in a week for the first time. Wooohooo!

Here's what I got up to:

Monday: Easy 5k: I took my sorry self off to the physio today to get my poorly foot seen to. I am always SO NERVOUS when I go to physios, I've had some rotten (and expensive) experiences over the years so I'm always worried about what's going to happen! But, all good. My foot is a little irate and tender but nothing a little TLC can't handle. Phew! So as I had the all clear, naturally I went running immediately! ;) Easy breezy 5k to get me back into the swing of things.

Tuesday: Easy 10 miles with hill reps: Slowed the pace down somewhat for my usual weekly 10 miler but included loads of long hill reps to keep things interesting. Great run.

Wednesday: 1 hour lower body S&C and 20 minutes upper body: Boring but necessary lower body strength stuff, followed by a bit of upper body to keep my guns (lol) in top condition.

Thursday: 12 miles - 1 easy, 10 at 8 minute pace, 1 easy: We actually got up at 5:30am for this run, madness. But it was actually brilliant fun to be up that early. Plan was easy mile then 10 at marathon pace which is 8 minute miles then easy mile home. I did ok, averaged about 7:50 for the 10 miles which isn't too far off what I was supposed to do.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Parkrun, plus warm up and cool down totalling an extra 4 miles: Windy rainy Preston Park parkrun - managed to bag a course PB of 20 seconds and come in 1st Lady. Can I get a whoop whoop. Chuffed to bits, feels great to be able to keep the speed up in the midst of marathon madness.

Sunday: LSR 16 miles: Aim was 15 miles at 8:20 pace. In the end I did 16 miles with the final mile an all out 'lets see how fast I can go' charge for home. Averaged 8:06 pace which is too fast but not too bad!!

So, just 6 weeks to go now and 4 weeks until the taper starts. I'm clinging on, I'm still fighting! Entering the final push and I can't wait. Have a great week all!

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