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London Marathon: Training week three

London Marathon Training week three


Week three is in the bag, and it really has been one of ups and downs.


Monday: One hour vinyasa yoga: I'd planned on having a lower mileage week this week to let my legs catch up a bit and to also give my grumbling glute a chance to chill out a bit, so no running today. Massively proud of myself for sucking it up and doing some yoga!! This one was not too bad, quite fast moving which I semi enjoyed, haha.

Tuesday: 1 hour upper body and core: My glute was really playing up today which made me a bit panicky and miserable. I always fear the worst! But, I saw this as an opportunity to work on some areas of weakness, mainly my upper body and core strength. I broke my hand in August and my upper body strength has suffered badly - I still get a lot of pain when I do weight baring stuff so pressups, tricep dips etc can be awkward. But I'm working on getting my mini muscles back with the weights stuff which I can do without any discomfort. And my core strength has always been abysmal so no excuses there!!

Wednesday: 1 hour upper body: More upper body work today

Thursday: Easy 3 miles and 10 minutes core: Woke up, went for my usual 2 mile walk, glute felt...much better! So I decided on some easy miles just to see where I was at. It was a gorgeous -4 frosty morning and this easy trot round town just felt amazing. Just a few days off running was enough for me to miss it! Followed up with a quick 10 minutes of core to get going with my new enthusiasm for working on my weak parts!

Friday: Easy 6 miles and 30 minutes upper body: More easy miles today, mainly as a bit of a confidence boost ahead of the Scary Miles to come at the weekend. And more strength, this time upper body, including some pull ups which I'm determined to master one of these days!

Saturday: Brighton & Hove park parkrun: 5k PB. What. How. Really was not expecting to even come close to my PB today, instead I smashed it by 22 seconds coming in at 20:39. Just madness.

Sunday: LSR 17 miles: Ahhh, hello terrifying training miles, we meet again. Happy to report this run went so so well and has given me a massive confidence boost. Plan was sticking to around 8:45 miles whilst Mike (my husband) ran ahead of me at his plan of 7:45 miles. Instead I just could not keep my pace down, which I guess is a nice problem to have but hopefully not one that's going to come back and haunt me!! I ended up on an average of 8:15 with the last mile a total "Take the rule book a chuck it in the bin" nonsense of 7:02 pace. 7:02 after 16 did I manage that!! Importantly, I really really enjoyed it - we ran along Worth Way and through East Grinstead and it was just so FUN. Didn't even need my traditional afternoon nap when I got in, but I did of course have my 1.5 hour bath! #obsessed

So, on to another week of training, and to my first 20 mile training run next weekend. *Gulp* Wish me luck...

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