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London Marathon: Training week two

Week two on the road to London is DONE. And a new record for me in highest mileage, 44.5 miles! I've ran 6 days this week and have no intention on actually doing that very often!! My "plan" is runs three days a week, anything above and beyond that is a bonus. So with that in mind, this week has been fab!

Monday: 90 minutes all body strength + 3 miles recovery run: I've started each day this week with a two mile walk, just to get the day going and a chance to walk with my coffee and have a bit of a think. So it was walk, then back home to blast the muscles. This 90 minutes consisted of a lot of lower body stuff (every kind of lunge imaginable, squats, glute bridges) and a bit of core and upper body. Breakfast then work before a light 3 mile recovery run around town - which left me starving hungry and dripping in sweat. Whhhhy? Makes no sense at all!

Tuesday: Steady 3 miles + 45 minutes rowing machine: Picked up the pace a bit for this lunchtime run, just shy of 8 minute miles. Hit the rowing machine after for 45 minutes, I'm definitely not fast on the rower but like it as I can zone out a bit.

Wednesday: Steady 10 miles + 40 minutes hip focused yoga: Loved this run. Took a loop up near where I used to work, podcasts on, loving life. My left glute has been feeling pretty tight for a week or so, so I was a very good girl indeed and did yoga after my run even though I find yoga so boring. So so boring. I wish I didn't, and I totally get why it's important, but aaaragh. Anyway, I got a really good stretch and felt like I earned my brownie-points!

Thursday: 8 miles (1 easy, 6 at aim of 7:45 pace, 1 easy) + 30 minutes upper body: Ahh, one of my favourite sessions of the week, I am loving this playing with pace malarkey! Obviously, I messed up and did it far too fast, my pace was all over the place for those 6 miles, whoops. But, it felt strong and happy and had my tunes blasting. Then it was 30 minutes of upper body stuff - body weight and dumbbells. Nice.

Friday: Rest: Made sure I foam rolled and stretched like a good 'un.

Saturday: Hove Prom parkrun + 35 minutes S&C: God almighty we picked the wrong day for this course. The wind! The rain! The Baltic temperatures! It was grim. I was wearing three tops though which I'm sure made me speedier as it was course PB time again. Hadn't done this course since the summer and was chuffed to shave off 36 seconds and come in at 21:06. I kept up my tradition of S&C when I got in, even though I'd been for coffee with my pal and it was lunchtime by the time we got home. Hashtag proud.

Sunday: LSR 15 miles: First real test of this marathon block DONE, hoorah. We ran the 7.5 miles over the South Downs to Brighton seafront (tough, muddy but mainly downhill) and the back again (ok, here's the hills!). My plan had me at 8:45 pace and with the terrain and hills I ended up at 8:58 - which I was actually happy with.

Now, time for week three to begin!

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