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Race recap: BM10K


Final race ahead of London Marathon was BM10k last Sunday. I LOVE running in Brighton - there's long flat sections that go on for miles if you hate hills (guilty as charged), South Downs for trails, parks for laps and yes hills upon hills upon hills if you like that sort of thing :D

This was my first time doing the BM10K, as it's held on the same day as Brighton Marathon I'm normally doing that instead! I was really looking forward to it as it was my first 10k since October and I was curious to see what a winter of marathon training had done to my 10k legs.

The race started, finished and followed at lot of the marathon route so it felt like very familiar territory. I was aiming to PB and really wanted to try and keep my pace under 7 minute miles, something I'd never done before for a 10k. I wasn't feeling in the best of shape with quite sore and painful knees and another bloody cold so it was certainly a struggle - I looked down at my Garmin on more than one occasion to see my pace at 7:30 and 8, not what I wanted to see despite feeling like I was sprinting!

But, all good in the end. I got round to the turn around point with a couple of miles to go and knew I could hang on to PB, even though it wasn't going to be pretty. Finished in 42:40 and a new PB by 1 minute 35. Hoorah!


Then, it was time for the real fun to begin. We spent the next few hours watching and cheering the marathon runners, it was amazing. Tracking people in a marathon is so exciting, and really got us geared up for London.

We also refuelled with Belgium fries, like the athletes we are.


6 days to go now. SIX!!

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