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Race recap: Brighton Half Marathon

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It feels weird writing this two days after a half marathon with no real DOMS whatsoever to speak of. What is going on?! I'm worried I'll wake up tomorrow and my legs will be like, "hiyaaaa!" and I won't be able to walk..

But, this is a good sign that my body is kind of coping, even though I didn't have the best time at Sunday's Brighton half.

This was my second year doing it and I was really looking forward to it, especially as the course is a mini version of my beloved Brighton Marathon. I've ran this route so many times, what with parkruns and training runs included.

I was nervous (ok, panicked) in the days leading up to this last week as my foot was playing up, so lots of energy was spent worrying about that. I've also started a new "day job" last week which, to be diplomatic, is very lively, so I've spent most of the last few weeks batshit crazy with stress, haha. So. Not ideal prep.

I strapped the foot up good and proper and it felt ok enough to wear my glorious Ultra Boost X - these shoes not only make my legs feel super human, they are also a confidence boost too. After a small jog and long toilet que, it was ready to get into the 1 hour 30 to 1 hour 44 pen.

I PBed here last year at 1:39 and with my 1:33 at Worthing two weeks ago, (read my race recap here, go on!) I was semi hopeful for a decent, non foot disaster of a performance.

I can pretty much tell how any run will go within the first mile, and this was no exception. I had a shocker. It was packed and I was penned in for, oh, EVER. Weaving in and out, getting stuck, getting other people stuck - it was just far too busy for me and I couldn't find space until about mile 4. It clogged up again up towards Brighton Pavilion and really only truly gave breathing space at mile 9 by which point I was stressed, frustrated and bloody knackered!

I had hoped to find my second wind at the lovely turn around point at mile 10 at Hove Lagoon but I was done by that point and just had to grit my teeth. A route I normally love so much just seemed so long and annoying and I actually just wanted to walk at that point.

I dug in and plowed on until I got to the start of the finish straight with about 400 metres to go. Unfortunately my breathing and heart rate decided to go crazy at that point so instead of my fave sprint finish I had to jog home and let what felt like a thousand people pass me in the line. The stress of the last few weeks was evident.

Brighton Half Marathon

Brighton Half Marathon

Brighton Half Marathon

Despite all that, I came in at 1:36, a three minute PB on last year and my second fastest half ever. And my foot was ok!

I felt frustrated and sad that life and stress got to me - I've not felt anxious and weird like that in a run for years - and I'm worried about how the rest of London Marathon training and the marathon it's self will go now daily life is... a little busy (I'm being so polite right now). I've got to find a way to make this work somehow..

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I have AW20 20 miler and Brighton 10k in the calendar and am thinking about doing Loughborough Half again. So lots of fun between now and London and lots of reminders of what matters to me :)

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