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Race recap: Loughborough Half Marathon

Loughborough Half Marathon

Our last "long long" run before London was Loughborough Half a few weeks ago. I think I've done this one three times before, but the course was completely different this year so it might as well have been a new run!

The run started a mere mile away from the inlaws house, which was lovely cos no loo ques and we got the warm up done en route. Wish every run could start that easily!

It was quite a small event with only a few hundred people which gave it a really nice local feel. The route started at the local school and had around two miles of road before the trail fun began (opted for trail shoes because of this because I knew there was a scary hill that might be muddy and I didn't fancy sliding around in my road shoes!) The next few miles took us on a trail loop through the de Lisle estate then back on the road through Shepshed (hoorah for the amazing long downhill section at that point) It was then a very helpful marshal shouted at me that I was currently second placed lady, hilarious. I did a comedy double take and shouted "WHAAAT. Oh,thanks!" I couldn't see the first placed lady at that point but I decided if by some miracle I could hang on to second, in an actual half marathon, in sporty Loughborough with all its sporty people, then what an achievement that would be.

The long hill was soon to follow (this used to be on the old route so I knew how tough and never ending it was going to be) followed by a downhill stretch and then a sharp turn back into the estate and back on the trails. The hill that followed had my quads physically screaming as I heaved myself up and tried to keep breathing. I had the lead lady in my sights at this point but she wasn't floundering as much as me on that hill!

The downhill section that followed lead us back onto a second loop of what we've just done and I just tried to keep a fast pace and hang on to my glorious second position. The marshals and spectators were amazing, cheering me on and telling me I was second. It was a really amazing feeling.

We took on the long road hill again and then the horrible trail hill before it was time to leave the estate and the road home stretch to home. Oooh the cheeky hills they threw in here, holy crap. The final mile nearly finished me off - a steep climb then a bittersweet loop of the field that took you past the finish line (soo close yet so far) and around, and around, and around, til finally the finish straight was upon us. And it was my third fastest half ever! And I did come second lady!!

I was given a great big hug and a trophy at the end and I couldn't have been happier. So delighted and proud, it was amazing.

Loughborough Half Marathon

Loughborough Half Marathon

Loughborough Half Marathon

Hopefully see you next year Loughborough!

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