Richmond Marathon: New goals and starting again

Do Epic Things

Just four short weeks ago, I was gearing up to take on London Marathon and have, as it turned out, probably the most magical day of running to date. And now here I am, just two days from starting it all over again!

I have never done two marathons in one year before so this could turn out to be epic or foolish, I'm not sure which!! So, whats next? 

Richmond Marathon and 16 weeks of training fun is just around the corner!

I picked this race for a few reasons:

  • Its FLAT (I cannot be doing with hills when I have a time to aim for, no way)
  • It's a lovely course (Thames towpath)
  • I've ran the half marathon a few times.
  • I've ran the route countless times (I used to live just over the river and I'm hoping I'll have a bit of historic homefield advantage!)
  • Its not too big so I won't have to worry about crowds - or out of control toilet ques!

I had hoped that this run would also serve as a backup attempt to try and qualify for Boston but as it turns out it falls AFTER the qualifying window for Boston has closed. So I will be relying on my London time to try and get into Boston, and will be using Richmond to hopefully hit my next goal time. Which is....

3 hours 15 minutes. Lol.

If I pull this off ( be quite honest I'd be bloody shocked if I do), that'll be a 10 minute improvement in just 5 months. Bananas.

My training plan is all set, all laid out for the next 16 weeks. And it is scary quick. Whereas for London, I was able to be naughty and go ahead of planned pace for plenty of my training runs, there is no room for manoeuvre here - the paces are really at my absolute maximum, if that is I can hit those sort of paces in the first place.

But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I want to set myself a tough target to keep things interested, and I love pushing myself and seeing what's possible. I'll be documenting my training - hopefully week by week - so read along!

Countdown to Monday is well and truly on!

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