Richmond Marathon training: just weeks to go

Marathon t-shirt - Track and Fit Club

Ah, those early June days and the last time I blogged. Starting marathon training, already feeling injured and massively not ready. So, what's been happening since then?

Well, injury mainly! I had a few tweaks before London Marathon but nothing that caused me much thought. Then after London I was knackered if course, but had a great few weeks including Gatwick Half and Darkstar 7. But by the end of May, and what should have been the start of Richmond Marathon training, my knee was well and truly buggered.

I survived (just!!!) Endure 24 then I had to endure (lol) weeks of not much running at all. It was painful, depressing, slightly heartbreaking. But I rehabbed my little heart out and by Wakehurst Willow in early July I was back and ready to dive into running fun again. I ran on holiday in France and Andorra and then had a amazing few weeks back home building up mileage and having SUCH a good 15 miler. And then...

Frikkin shin splints.

Shin splints so painful and different that I took myself off to the GP as soon as I could as I was convinced it was a stress fracture. Nope, no stress fracture thank god, but still the most hideous shin splints I've ever had. And I've had plenty, haha! 

There's been physio trips and sports massage and here I now am - 3 weeks out from Richmond Marathon, weirdly feeling better and calmer than I have all through this summer of injury. There will be no sub 3:15, or 3:30 or PBs, it might even end up being a personal worse. There's been no amazing weeks of hardship where I've ran and toiled and had to go to bed at 8 cos I'm so physically done. It's been the least marathony marathon prep ever but that's not to say it can't be amazing.

My revised ambitions for 3 weeks today are mainly - to start. To actually get to that start line. finish!! Get my hands on that medal. If I can succeed with that then I'd also like the bit in the middle, you know the actual running part, to be fun and relaxed and as pain free as possible. I want a great playlist, I want the sun glinting off the Thames, I want to be smiley and high-fivey and get round in one piece with as many lovely memories as possible.

I've wanted to quit a lot, I'll admit it. And I've been told to quit. So if I DON'T quit then I'm going to be chuffed.

See you soon gentle with me.


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