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Richmond Marathon training: Week One

Richmond Marathon training: week one

Right, here we go, I'm off the mark! Richmond Marathon training has officially begun and I'm so chuffed to have the first week ticked off (even though it's been fairly crappy)

I've got a hard slog ahead of me and this week has not been easy..

Monday: Steady 10 miles and 12 mile bike ride: My left knee has not been happy for a couple of weeks (after recovering so well from London as well, it's been random) and Monday ended up being really hard going. I was perfectly happy for the first 4 or so miles of my run until hitting a long downhill section, where the knee just went "naah, this aint happening". It continued to grumble for the rest of the run and on my bike ride. Annoying!!

Tuesday: 30 minutes upper body: I've been making such an effort to increase my upper body stuff over the last few weeks and I've been loving it. Maybe one day I'll be able to do more than one proper pushup!!

Wednesday: 40 minutes upper body: More upper body cos see above.

Thursday: 45 minutes upper body, core and glutes: Ahh so happy with this workout. I'd been feeling nervous about doing any sort of lower body stuff all week for fear of aggravating the knee, but mat stuff didn't seem to bother it at all, result! And obviously upper body stuff cos I'm obsessed and core so I don't turn to mush!!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Worthing parkrun: Woke up, knee felt good, it was go time! I love this flat out and back course - it really tests you and if you don't pace it properly, it's going to let you know in no uncertain terms. I did not pace it properly, ha! First mile, off like a rocket (6:16), middle mile, breathing just about (6:44) final mile, dyyyyying (6:54) But I was shocked to find out I had equalled my all time 5k PB at 21:31 and got a course PB by 30 seconds. Nice.

The knee started to niggle at about 1.5 miles in and I was unable to do the session I'd planned after, it was just too sore. Bahhhh.

Sunday: 13 miles at 7:50 pace: Ah crap, this was frikkin hard. I was worried about it all week...and it was probably as bad as I'd feared. My aim was 7:56 pace so I was really pleased to get the first few miles in nicely under that. Everything was ok until about mile 4 where the knee was like "hiiiiya!!". It was stop, start, swear, start, stop, aarragh, for the rest of the run. I did manage some consistent final miles and kept the pace under target - the only saving grace from the whole run really! Oh, and I found out that I love Gu Toasted Marshmallow gels so, bonus.

I'm basically feeling down...but not out, at the moment. After feeling properly tired after London, I feel fresh and fit again...but the legs just aren't playing ball right now. 

Let's see what next week brings..

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