About Us

Track and Fit Club story

Slogan clothing and accessories for people who love to run, cycle and be their personal best!

Track and Fit Club is run by me, Becky, a runner and fitness obsessive living in West Sussex, UK.  

The idea was born in Spring 2018 when I was training for my 4th Brighton Marathon. I wanted to buy myself some goodies to commemorate my achievements and tell the world I was a marathoner, but searching online was coming up short. I designed my first Marathon Runner bag and loved it so much I decided to start selling them. I have always been a creative person and have been making things for as long as I can remember, it felt right to combine my passion for fitness with doing something creative!

Track and Fit Club ethos

For me, the true essence of fitness is not about comparison with others, or torturing yourself doing something you hate. It's about stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve goals you never thought were possible, running a PB in super tough conditions, taking up cycling when it's really scary (me,  year ago!) or moving your body every day because it's one of the best things for self esteem and mental health. And it's about being proud of what we have achieved and being able to share that with like minded people.

Track and Fit Club process

I get inspired by the fitness fans I find on instagram, my running club or by the hundreds of people I see each week when I'm taking part in a run. I love typography and clean, stylish unfussy designs so you'll find lots of that here, good looking, functional items that are going to reflect your love for all things fitness.

Track and Fit Club Environmental Policy

After designing my items, I work with a UK production partner who produces the items. This not only keeps waste stock and resources to an absolute minimum, it also ensures each and every item is made to order for you, which is nice! 

My production partner has a commitment to working under ethical and environmentally friendly practices:

  • All of their staff are paid above the national living wage
  • Items are made using water-based inks which are OEKO-TEX® approved (they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment)
  • Excess and waster cardboard and paper is recycled and any waste ink is disposed of responsibly
  • Any items that do not meet quality control are donated to charity
  • The packaging used to ship orders are either 100% recyclable or biodegradable, or both

As I work from home designing items, processing orders and doing everything needed to make Track and Fit Club tick, I try to work as mindfully as possible. Small steps such as working paper free, recycling or reusing any packaging I get with my product samples, turning the heating down! There's more that can be done and should be done and I'm working towards that.

I hope you love my items, and that you become part of the Track and Fit Club!