Marathoner Since Mug - Track and Fit Club
Marathoner Since Mug - Track and Fit Club
Marathoner Since Mug - Track and Fit Club

Marathoner Since Mug

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Once you run a marathon, you become part of a very awesome club. A club filled with people who are dedicated, passionate, totally kick-ass and maybe ever so slightly crazy! Your life changes as soon as you cross that finish line, and once you have ran 26.2 you are changed forever.

Mark the year you became a marathoner with this awesome mug. It'll make you proud every time you put the kettle on! Choose the year you ran your first marathon and have a personalised mug made just for you.

This makes for an awesome gift for anyone that's completed their first marathon – a really thoughtful present for someone who has achieved one of the biggest goals in running. Let us know the year they ran their first marathon and we'll make this to order for a special fun gift.

You'll love our Marathon Runner tshirt too!

All Track and Fit Club mugs are made to order in the UK! The mugs are printed using Dye Sublimation, not transfers, which uses heat, pressure and time to print a high quality design that will not fade or wash off. All mugs as dishwasher and microwave safe. Each mug come in a plain white cardboard box which keeps it safe during transit and makes it easy for gift wrapping if you're giving this as a present.

Size: 11oz capacity

Dimensions: 96 x 82 mm
Materials: White and black glossy ceramic
Text: Black